What gives us a sense of gendered self?

What gives us a sense of self beyond gender?

What selves arise out of an attempt to transcend gender norms?


Acts of Self Love is a five-hour stint of on-going preparation and catwalking, in which Soroka struts a variety of selves along a spectrum of gender expression. It is an experiment in embodying multiple selves, with what happens when gender fluidity is the default.


There are three main elements: the gradual preparation of each new identity, the catwalk celebration of each new “self”, and the mediated act of shitting - the exposure of the ultimate private act. The piece is both a fierce response to outside demands to define oneself within a binary, and a vulnerable offering; making private rituals public in order to give visceral insight into what it is to exist beyond the binary.


In the name of self-determination regardless of the body one was born with and revealing the arbitrary nature of the structures we live by: Soroka engages in gender-fucking as an act of defiance, a queer act, an act of self love.

For a debut performance this was astoundingly composed in every way. The honesty involved was unswerving. Brutal, even - But ultimately this was a celebration, of Saroka as a person and as a talented performer with intellectual, as well as physical stamina.
— Mary Brennan, Herald Scotland

Acts of Self Love was first performed at The Arches, Glasgow in January 2015.

Read the full 5-star review from the Herald Scotland here

It was performed as part of NEW/NOW 2015, a festival of graduate work from across Europe, run by the European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA). Read the Dutch press here


An attempt to embody what it is to be unfixed

An attempt to reclaim abandoned parts

An attempt not to hide

An attempt to be visible, at all times

A loving disruption

To the policing of the queer body

Photo credits: Julia Bauer