My Daily Practice

Since being introduced to yoga in first year, it has become part of my life - I try and attend classes whenever "I have the time". I also began having regular appointments with a herbalist, who often directs me to what areas I should be attending to - mainly working with chakra energy. At the moment I am working on my sacral chakra (linked to sexuality, the self and creativity) which has a lot to do with listening to ones wants and needs, and how to nurture oneself. I've been using the books to explore mindfulness and chakra work for the past year.

 - (on chakras)

 (on mindfulness)

I feel like the big problem I come up against is I often shove these practices to the side when I most need them, and am not always good at listening to my needs when busy. Although I am inspired by the idea of a specific daily practice (this ted talk by Will Hewet who spent a year singing each day for example), I think for me to stay playful and in the work I want to explore spontaneity rather than trying myself to one thing (I frequently attach to habits/can feel pressured by them). So, during this process I want to engage in a daily practice of mindfulness - responding to what I really need and want that day. This way I can continue my work on yoga and chakras, or other things that help me drop-in such as swimming or contact improv, but stay available to new experiences. Hopefully this will then not only work as a tool for staying curious and calm, but also a chance for me to give myself the space to really listen.