From the response to the previous image, I realised the idea of having different clothes around me sent out a message of confusion/uncertainty. The word "doll" came up too, and I know that I want my image to feel empowered, like I have made the choices involved and that the gender representation is fluid rather than confused. There were also religious connotations that came, and that is definitely not where my enquiry is stemming from. Hopefully this image will have some openness to it, but the title will put it in to context - and there will be some deliberate themes that I hope do come up. Here goes.... smallimage


The copy:




“Love doesn’t dominate, it cultivates” - Goethe


In some countries, my existence is a crime

Otherness is a crime in systems of hate

I offer love towards the self as a disruption

A loving disruption

To the policing of the queer body

At the intersection where many marginalised identities meet


my, your, their, our visibility






Deep engaged self-love means acknowledging pain


Deciding to love onesself deeply

Deciding to love onesselves

Deciding to love oneselves in ways one is told not to


The parts that are hidden

The parts that I hid

The parts that don’t fit in to categories

The parts I abandoned

The parts that aren’t part of the constructs

Can reclamation of these parts mean a becoming? Something more complete?


I’m going to show you those parts


Here are the culminations of my death-defying acts

My experiments in how to love myself, queerly

Laid bare

In the hopes that if I show you mine, you’ll show me yours


My body as a site of protest

The gender-disrupter


(Queer) Self-love to disrupt (internalised) systems of hate