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“Love doesn’t dominate, it cultivates” - Goethe




In some countries my way of being/living is a crime

I refuse to hide

I acknowledge the multiplicity of the self

I am reclaiming my abandoned parts



I offer self-love as a political act



A loving disruption

To the policing of the queer body



I open a space for you to witness my otherness

And question your own


To be both the disrupted

And the disruption



Intolerance has erased our histories

This denial of our past, threatens our existence in the present



Acceptance starts from within



Let’s call in to question the everyday compromises we make to fit in

To be considered “normal”




(I am making a connection between) VISIBILITY




(and the)                                 VISIBLE ABILITY



(being visibly able to engage in)




Is my becoming

Are the culminations of my death-defying acts


Laid bare

In the hopes that if I show you mine, you’ll show me yours