Dropping in... Digging deep

Through my daily practice of listening to what's there, and therefore what needs to be tended to, I've realised that first act of listening happens in different ways each day. What's important is that I always remember to give space to it. Sometimes what I need that day becomes clear in the shower, sometimes over my first cup of tea, sometimes I have to sit on my yoga mat before knowing what I need, sometimes I'm half way through what I thought I needed when the actual thing appears. Where ever that dropping in happens, I always start my day by reading from "Journey to the Heart" by Melody Beattie. This book offers a small provocation or message to take forward with each day, all in the way of self-acceptance. I cannot choose when deep listening happens, when the realisation of what I need that morning kicks-in, but I can choose to honour my practice and create space for that listening to occur. Philosopher Mark Nepo describes listening as "keeping that which is true before us".

After discussions yesterday, I've realised that after all the articles, films and chapters I've looked at - I need to digest them. I need to find the cord that connects me to all the research. I need look at my own internalised systems of hate, the way I hide myself, the shame I carry. What are my abandoned parts? How do I reclaim these, make these visible?

I need to create space to listen to my voice, I need to keep that which is true before me.