How To Hate text

How To Hate  

We can’t expect everyone to love themselves in the same way.

Not when our bodies and minds have their owns doos and don’ts.

Same as you can’t love different people in the same way.


Same as hatred for a group of people –

real deep engaged hate

Well that doesn’t make sense

Because to really hate

You’d have to hate everyone differently

Because to hate, you have had to have loved a person

And to love you need to have known


And how can you know a whole group of people you’ve never met in their entirety?


I mean hate – not reflect your self-hatred on to

I mean hate because you let them reach inside your chest

Feel the heat

Gently clasp your heart

And they tore it out

and ate it for breakfast

like they were cleaning up the last crumbs of toast from their plate


hate because you let them feel the pulse of your veins

your blood run on to their arms

so they could feel the exact temperature

of your specific genetic make up/blood type

and then they drank it as if it was

a random fizzy drink that they picked up for 50p

in the reduced section at tesco


love in the way you need

in the native language your body speaks

otherwise you’re just speaking over yourself