I haven't "always known"

I haven’t “always known” anything Same way you don’t always know you’ll be

A teacher, doctor, mother, policeman, cleaner, husband, murder


Or always know where you’ll live

You can choose to let life guide you

You can choose which self you listen to

Just like you choose which people


To pretend to know

To think that you know

You’ve got it


It’s pretence

It’s an illusion


To pretend

Or buy in to straight as the default

And anything else as the alternative

Is to buy in to the safety and security of your money in the bank

Of the party you want being voted in to government

On that government implementing equliaty through law

On house prices to stay stable

On there being an end to war

On your local schools not to close

On your neighbour not to move

On your dog not to die

On your lover not to leave you


You are your default

Your neutral


But you don’t have to go to autopilot


If you want to be more

If you want ot be human




Ask yourself

Is this my choice, or is this me following autopilot?


For those who were “born this way”

Who knew they were queer

I commend you

For knowing you were human

And switching off autopilot

Quicker than me

Faster than the rest of us