Artist Statement 







Jak says

Abandon your essence

Embrace your otherness


You are what you repeatedly do


In a world where white/straight/cis/non-disabled/youth is what's desired

white supremacy/heteronormativity/transphobia/ableism/ageism is the dominant narrative

loving yourself is more than enough/not enough


de-construct the hierarchies/categories/binaries 

my body is my fuck you


Jak is

She/he/they/zir/zer/they was born in the place of not knowing

a body not a mouthpiece


Jak creates

safe spaces for those making their own way

And confronts those who have tried to run from themselves

Jak Soroka emerges from four years of study on the BA Contemporary Performance Practice program, at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Their practice includes making solo and collaborative performance, as well as a commitment to creating spaces for invisible voices. In all these different contexts, they investigate the meaning of visibility, otherness and reclamation. As a queer maker, programmer, and facilitator they are concerned with uncovering layers of shame (internalised and societal) around self-expression.