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We are Jak and Pete. We’re full of questions about what makes a man and we want to hear what you think.

We’d love to meet you at the Pearce Institute during performance festival //BUZZCUT//.


//BUZZCUT// Festival

Wednesday 5th – Sunday 9th April


//BUZZCUT// is a performance festival in Govan. Click here to find out more.

We invite you to see a performance with us, and then talk about it afterwards over a meal.

You can pick what day you come to the festival, whether that is one afternoon or the whole five-days.


Travel money can be covered, and we provide the free show and the free meal.

 Open to anybody over the age of 18 who identifies as a man.


All held at the Pearce Institute: 840-860 Govan Rd, Glasgow G51 3UU


If you’d like to arrange to meet us

 contact Jak on 07980656263

or email


We look forward to hearing from you!


Jak and Pete