Each year, the THIS IS WHAT I WANT performance festival asks its artists and audiences to explore their desires. For the 2015 Festival, Tessa Wills and crystal am nelson present a triple bill of artists revealing hidden desires, unheard voices and invisible body parts.

Soroka joined on production and marketing, to help weave the festival together. Soroka was also part of  the Storytellers, a TIWIW-cultivated community of queer-identified people who met to explore why desire as a socio-political force was important to them, and held the story of the festival.



THIS IS WHAT I WANT (TIWIW) is an annual live art festival about desire based in the Bay Area artistically directed and produced by Tessa Wills. TIWIW is a community of queer culture makers and artists supporting other artists in the creation of edgy, radical art. The festival has produced risk-taking, participatory work since 2010. 

TIWIW serves as a field of activity that generates performance, workshops and embodiment practices in which makers and participants explore desire as a socio-political force running through the foundations of culture, capitalist economy, and interpersonal relationships.  

this community project has navigated unchartered territory, enabling each other to go deep into exploring our own desires. Like a small group of rebels we’ve met in small corners, moved, listened, shared, watched, and uncovered our stories - the ones that lie below the earth unannounced, until one stops to listen and hears the quiet rumble of something ready to be revealed.
— TIWIW program


Below is the culmination of Soroka's explorations within the Storytellers: