THE ARCHES, GLASGOW, arches live 2013

Conceived by: Jak Soroka & Freya Gosnold

Performed by: Jak Soroka, Freya Gosnold, Hamish Orr, Bel Jessica Pye & Gabriel Spector


Created in collaboration with three other Glasgow artists, presenting under the name "UNBOXED Gender Action" - The Break The Silence installation was presented at Arches LIVE 2013 alongside the solo perfromance I’m Still Gay and You’re Still Dying.


The installation is an exposition of rape as a global pandemic - combining live performance with statistical and anecdotal information to create an immersive and interactive journey to learn more about rape culture and its effect on us. Where I'm Still Gay and You're Still Dying zooms in on UNBOXED member and artist Freya Gosnold's personal experience of rape in southern Africa, the complimentary installation expands this perspective toward a wider international understanding and brings things home to Scotland to demonstrate just how much we ignore some of the social problems that are just as prevalent on our doorsteps as they are in the ever-elusive "third world" - and to challege how quickly we dismiss them as things that don't affect people we know, not here, not in my back yard...


Design by Freya Gosnold, pictured left